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CHLORINE is the most widely used chemical to purify water in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Chlorine is a very harsh chemical that not only kills the germs, viruses and bacteria in water, but also damages swimsuits. This is due to chlorine breaking the bonds of fabric, especially elastic fabrics like lycra/spandex weakening the fabric and causing accelerated deterioration and colour fading.

SUIT SAVER helps ensure swimwear maintains its life, vitality, keeps colours bright and keeps fabrics looking new for longer. Suit saver is a concentrated cleaning substance specifically formulated to neutralise residual chlorine from swimwear, and that alone is why it works so efficiently. Suit Saver is a concentrate that comes in a convenient 65ml plastic bottle, with each bottle lasting approximately 50 washes from a bottle small enough to fit into a bum bag.

EASY TO USE - It is a quick, easy and economical way to remove chlorine, its lingering odour, and to protect and extend swimsuit life and colour brightness. Just put a quick squirt of Suit Saver in a sink-full of water, immerse swimsuit, drain and rinse, squeeze water out (do not wring out), then, dry in the shade - That's all it takes. Suit Saver binds up all the chlorine in seconds! There is no waiting for it to work, no hot or warm water necessary.